Date idea:

Attend a Literary Festival

By Rosie Valentine


 3 - 4 Hours 





Is there anything more fascinating words and the way we use them? If your answer is ‘no’, this is the date for you!

Literary festivals, sometimes called book festivals or writing festivals, feature author readings, topical lectures, writing workshops and a wide variety of other reading and writing related events for the general public to enjoy. They tend to be held annually over a period of several days or weeks, taking place in the same towns and cities each year.

If you and your date love literature, writing, history or the creative arts, then travelling to a nearby literary festival is a wonderful idea for a special treat of a date! Aside from being intellectually stimulating, the day will allow you both to learn more about each other’s opinions and personal styles while providing enough fodder for a month’s worth of conversations! Best of all, late spring and summer are the most popular times to host such festivals, which are often located in beautiful places. It’s a great day out all round!


  1. Choose a festival. If you live in an area close to a variety of annual literary festivals, such as in most of the UK, New England, or the West coast of the U.S., then do some research before choosing which you’d like to attend. Over time, most annual festivals develop reputations for being particularly intellectual or non-fiction oriented, of being a good mix of everything or only featuring female authors. Take both you and your partner’s preferences into consideration and choose the festival that most strikes your fancy!
  2. Buy tickets early. While it’s usually possible to enter the festival grounds for free or to purchase a low-cost ticket at the gate, tickets to individual events sometimes sell out fast! Make sure that you review the individual author readings, lecture, seminars and workshops at least 2-3 months ahead of time and book your space!
  3. Arrange parking. Parking at many of these festivals is severely limited. If you’re driving yourselves, you can avoid being stuck with nowhere to leave your car by purchasing a parking voucher when you buy your tickets.
  4. Enjoy the fair! Make sure that both you and your partner have the opportunity to do and see everything you want to! Food and drinks will be available, but it’s a good idea to bring some water. You can also bring copies of books that you would like to have signed. Set aside plenty of time to mill around! From used books for sale to writing utensils and crafts, there will be a lot to see, so make the most of your time. Engage in plenty of conversation with your partner and always listen to their opinions first.

Date Tip

This is an amazing date idea for book lovers, writers and creative types - they’ll be impressed and excited! But people who aren't as interested in the writing arts are probably not the ones to take.
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