Uniform Dating in New Zealand

Does the sight of a man or woman in uniform turn you weak in the knees? Here at Uniform Dating, we know exactly how you feel! Uniform Dating is an online dating site specifically devoted to people in uniform and those who admire them! Whether you’re hoping to fall head over heels in love with a fireman, or are a nurse hoping for her happy ending once and for all, there is something for everyone at Uniform Dating in New Zealand.

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5 Tips For Uniform Dating

At Uniform Dating, we understand that our members take their professions very seriously and you can rest assured that your information will always be kept secure and confidential.

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1. Get To Know The Person Behind The Uniform

While the uniform might be the main thing that attracted you to someone, remember that there is a person underneath that good looking attire. Maybe you’ll like them, but maybe you won’t…so this is why it’s important to get to know someone for who they are, not just for their day job or the uniform they sport so smartly. The best way to do this is communication. Emails, text messages, and finally talking in person when you do meet will reveal if they are more than just a sexy uniform to you, or not.


2. Show Off Your Uniform!

If you are someone who wears a uniform, make sure your profile shows it off and shows it off well! When filling out your profile, include things about your profession and why you wear a uniform and of course don’t forget the photos! This would be a good time to ask a friend to take some great pictures of you wearing your uniform and showing off your personality.


3. Don’t Be Too Picky

When it comes to uniform dating in New Zealand, some daters find themselves drawn to only one type of uniform, but it’s important to keep your options open! If a hot firefighter is interested in you, are you really going to turn him down since he’s not in the military? That would be simply silly!


4. Explain Why You Are Interested In Uniform Dating

What exactly about uniform dating interests you so much? This is the time to share it with your date! Maybe you’re in awe of their professions, or maybe you enjoy feeling safe around someone you’re dating, or maybe just the site of a good looking man or woman in uniform gets you going-whatever it is, share!


5. Uniform Date Safely!

Just because you’re going out on a date with someone who wears a uniform doesn’t mean you don’t take the same safety precautions you would with anyone else. Always let a friend or family member know where you’ll be, and who you’ll be with, plus when you are expecting to be back at home. Check in frequently, and don’t invite someone you’ve never met in person over to your home. Uniforms do bring an air of trust with them, but it’s up to you to maintain your safety standards until you get to know the person who is wearing the uniform!